Cartier Tank Solo Watches

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Cartier Tank Solo Small Quartz Watches

Cartier first designed a prototype for the Tank watch in 1917 as WWI raged, and presented the stainless steel watch, in peace-time, as a gift to General John Pershing, Commander of the American Expeditionary Force in Europe. Commercial production and sale of the watch by Cartier began in 1919 and was said to be inspired by the sleek steel World War One model Tank with similar steel lines and proportions. The Cartier watches design seamless integrates the steel lugs and the stainless steel case as an extension of the strap simultaneously creating a watch with a stainless steel or 18K gold rectangular bezel and a steel colored square dial which, at the time, had put the Cartier watch into view on the forefront of a new era in watchmaking and design. Since inception of the Cartier Tank, these watches have featured several variations on the original model including the Tank Louis which Cartier debuted in 1922, the Tank Americaine released by Cartier 1989, the Tank Francaise Cartier brought out in 1996, and the Tank Solo which is the newest watch in the Cartier Tank Collection debuting in 2004. Some of the defining features one can view in any Tank Watch from Cartier is a bold Roman Numeral Dial, square Stainless Steel or 18K Gold Bezel, sword-shaped blue hands, and a sapphire cabochon surmounted crown. The iconic Tank watch from Cartier has inspired many other models of steel watches with precious stones, stainless steel and 18K Gold, yet the watch has managed to preserve its distinctive identity. The Cartier Tank Solo is most famous for its stainless steel designs yet other precious metals are also available from Cartier The modest yet contemporary design of the Cartier Tank Solo Watch honors the unique aesthetic which lies behind the Cartier Tank collection's remarkable success while re-inventing the Cartier Tank Solo model from Cartier with a number of additional features including 18K gold, stainless steel, several different color options for the dial, and updated quartz movements that is distinctly Cartier. The Cartier watch is also available in Men's or Ladies sizes. In using a quartz movement, the Cartier Tank Solo can keep an extra thin stainless steel profile while keeping the watch in an extremely affordable price range. The clean, crisp lines of the Cartier Tank Solo and its decorative accessories have proven hugely popular with a free-spirited, elegant clientèle. This newest model from Cartier presents a fresh view of the essential elements in the Tank watch collection highlighting advanced Quartz movement and a brown leather strap. The Tank Collection from Cartier has become one of the most highly coveted and copied wristwatches of all time, cementing the legacy of Cartier in an exclusive watch making tradition. The Cartier Tank Solo watch is one of the accessories that should be crucial to any wardrobe. Cartier