Cartier Santos Demoiselle Watches

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Cartier Santos Demoiselle Quartz Watches

The Cartier Santos Demoiselle is the ladies version of the Santos watch from Cartier, paying tribute to the eponymous monoplane, the Santos-Dumont Demoiselle or "Damselfly", built by Alberto Santos Dumont as a new lighter airplane model, made mainly from bamboo, that would free up more time in flight for longer routes. Aviation pioneer Alberto Santos Dumont had previously asked his friend Louis Cartier to design a watch that he could wear while flying. His worldwide fame led to the popularity of not only the new style of watch, which Louis Cartier had personally designed for him, but also the brand of Cartier itself, cementing the Cartier legacy in the world of watch design and watch making. Cartier would debut several models of the Santos watches throughout the years including the Demoiselle, the Galbee, the Dumont, and the Santos 100, the 100th anniversary edition of the Cartier Santos released by Cartier. The rounded angles of the stainless steel bezel on the Cartier Santos Demoiselle watch, in a break from the Tank collection by Cartier, with the exposed steel screws of the silver or white stainless steel Roman Numeral dial, Cartier caliber 157 quartz movement, and sword-shaped blue steel hands of the iconic watch are reinterpreted with a distinct femininity of elegance and refinement that can only be found in the Santos Demoiselle watch from Cartier. The original Santos watch by Cartier had no structural break between the steel or gold case and the stainless steel attachments of the watch, fully incorporating the steel lugs and a novel square steel case with rounded corners of the watch, the Demoiselle adds the this tradition. The square shape of the Demoiselle was created from the design of the connection between the watch and its stainless steel strap. Before Cartier introduced the Santos collection the wrist watch was generally worn only by ladies as jewelry, while men favored a manual pocket watch model. The Santos Collection of watches from Cartier changed the perception of the wrist watch into unisex items, and it is therefore somewhat ironic that the watch has been re-invented, by Cartier, once again for ladies with the release of the Santos Demoiselle watch. Subsequent models by Cartier of the Santos Demoiselle from Platinum, 18K Yellow, White, or Rose Gold and Stainless Steel with automatic, or quartz movement have been received warmly by fans of Cartier watches throughout the years. Variations of this elegant and streamlined design of the Demoiselle watch from Cartier include white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or stainless steel cases and bracelets with round-cut diamond adornments and a choice of ‘small’ or ‘mini’ sizes for the watch. The Santos Demoiselle watch from Cartier is a perfect option for any occasion from business to casual or formal. The Demoiselle collection of watches from Cartier fosters a sense of feminine strength and independence from the traditional way of thinking about what one wears on their wrist.