Rolex Yachtmaster

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Rolex Yatch master Oyster Perpetual Watches

The Rolex Yacht master is one of the newest watch added to the vaunted Rolex Collection. It was released in 1992 by Rolex as a homage to the luxurious Yachting traditions of the 1950's and was based off classic models of Rolex sport watches such as the Rolex Sea-Dweller and Rolex Submariner though it has a decreased functionality compared with these models. Legend has it that the Yacht master was originally developed by Rolex to be the new model of the Submariner watch, but Rolex feared such a radical transformation of one of its most timeless and iconic watches. The all new design for the Submariner watch prototype that would go on to become to Rolex Yacht master, with smooth rounded edges and etched bezel inserts of the watch as well as larger hands, featured the same overall design as the original watch yet the details of the watch that would go on to become the Rolex Yacht master were nothing like the original. The original Rolex Yacht master watch resembles the Rolex Daytona watch more than the Rolex Submariner. The first Rolex Yacht master watch to be released was promoted as the luxury version of the Submariner watch; while the Submariner watch was for underwater use, the Yacht master watch was for topside. The Rolex Yacht master watch has indeed enjoyed the reputation of being the luxury cousin to the Submariner watch collection. With the creation of the Yacht master watch Rolex appears to have created a tool for boating while focusing on the luxury and aesthetic of the watch featuring yellow gold white gold or rose with platinum and stainless steel features that can be added to the watch. The Oyster bracelet of the Rolex Yacht master watch is designed to not only be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing but also strong, the bracelet of the Yacht master watch features a special clasp that is designed to keep the Rolex Yacht master Oyster bracelet from accidentally opening, giving the person wearing a Yacht master a sense of reassured piece of mind. Over the years Rolex has released the Platinum Yacht master Rolesium- featuring either a Platinum white gold, or yellow gold dial and bezel with a stainless steel case, bracelet and crown- as well as the Yacht master II- including bidirectional rotatable bezel, a triplock winding crown to protect the dial while tripling its waterproofing ability, and a parachrom oscillator hairspring which increases the watches accuracy, making it resistant to magnetic fields and shocks. The bidirectional rotatable 60-minute graduated bezel of the Yacht master allows the wearer to calculate sailing time. The Yacht master also features 18K Yellow Gold or White Gold along the Bracelet and in the dial to create the numerals and the hands. More recently Rolex has also brought out the Mid-Size and Ladies versions of the Yacht master and the Yacht master II. In 2005, Rolex released a two tone white gold or yellow gold and stainless steel Yacht master which highlighted upgrade movement in the dial along with a heavier, more durable 18K White or Yellow Gold links on the bracelet of the watch. The latest model of watch produced by Rolex in the Yacht master line was the Oyster Perpetual Yacht master which was meant to epitomize the tie between Rolex and sailing. Because the Rolex Yacht master watches are not the more popular model among Collectors of Rolex's which are made for a specific professional purpose like aviation navigation or deep sea diving, it is therefore easy to find a beautiful model in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, stainless steel or a combination of any of these features of the Yacht master watch at a great price!