Rolex President Watches is the premier online retailer for Unworn Rolex Watches. One of our main goals is to create an open and honest online market for buying and selling Rolex watches. At LSMwatch, we work with individual sellers of Rolex watches from all over the world. Our contacts allow us to bring you the best deals on every Rolex watch model. All Rolex watches featured on LSMWatch are guaranteed to be 100 percent authentic and in perfect working condition.

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LSMWatch carries exclusive lines of various Rolex watch models for both men and women, including:

  • Air-King
  • Cellini
  • Datejust
  • Daytona
  • Explorer I & II
  • GMT-Master II
  • Milgauss
  • President
  • Sea-Dweller
  • Sky-dweller
  • Submariner
  • Yachtmaster

All of our watches are ready for immediate sale.

LSMWatch is based in the heart of the Downtown Los Angeles Jewelry District and features every Rolex watch model from the Air-King to the Yachtmaster. We are happy to offer Free Shipping in USA, a 3-Year Warranty, and a Price Match Guarantee on all watches. You can always buy with confidence when purchasing a brand-new Rolex from!

Rolex: Innovative Luxury

The story of Rolex begins in London in the year 1905 when it was founded by Hans Wilsdorf and his brother-in-law, Alfred Davis, with the company first being known as Wilsdorf and Davis. The name of the company was changed to Rolex in 1915. According to legend, the name Rolex comes from a French phrase horlogerie exquise, meaning "exquisite clockwork." In reality, Wilsdorf wanted his watch brand name to be easily pronounceable in any language and be short enough to fit on the face of a watch.

In 1919, Wilsdorf left England due to wartime taxes levied on luxury imports and export duties on the silver and gold used for the watch cases. The same year he moved the company to Geneva, Switzerland, where it was established as the Rolex Watch Company. The watch company is still owned by a private trust and shares are not traded on any stock exchange.

The Rolex brand's popularity quickly grew, thanks in large part to the company’s many technological innovations. One of the most revolutionary innovations Rolex has contributed to watch making over the years is the creation of the first waterproof wrist watch, the "Oyster," which debuted in 1926. Over the years, Rolex developed specific watch models suitable for the extremes of deep-sea diving, mountain climbing and aviation including the:

  • Datejust - The first wrist watch with an automatically changing date on the dial, released in 1945.
  • GMT Master - The first wrist watch to display two time zones at once. The GMT Master was originally developed in 1954 at the request of Pan Am Airways to provide flight crews with a dual time watch face that could be used to display GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), the international time standard for aviation needed for navigation during longer flights, and the pilot’s home or destination time.
  • Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Sea-Dweller - To counteract the extreme external pressure of the depths of the sea, Rolex designed a valve, co-invented with Swiss watch maker Doxa, that released helium gas that had built-up during decompression. This valve became the foundation of the Oyster versions of the Rolex.
  • Perpetual Oyster Submariner - The first wrist watch case that was waterproof up to 100 m, released in 1953.
  • Day-Date - The first wrist watch with an automatically changing day function as well as date on the dial, released in 1956.
  • Explorer and Explorer II – Developed specifically for explorers who would navigate rough terrain, such as the world famous Mount Everest expedition in 1953. Rolex “Explorer” watches were worn by Tenzing Norgay and other members of the Hillary expedition, surviving the 8,848 m altitude on Mount Everest and returning in perfect working order.
  • Rolex Oyster Perpetual Deep-Sea - Jacques Piccard with Don Walsh attached a specially designed experimental watch to the outside of their bathyscaphe during the 1960 Challenger Deep / Mariana Trench dive, reaching a world-record depth of 10,916 meters. The Rolex watch returned in perfect working order.
  • Daytona – This specially designed watch features an extremely accurate chronograph function for time-keeping purposes, specifically designed for racing.
  • Rolex Milgauss - This watch was designed to face extreme electro-magnetic environments such as research labs or power plants. In places like these, magnetic forces can wreak havoc on the watch’s internal mechanisms.

Along with innovative design, Rolex also became the first watch maker to earn chronometer certification for a wrist watch. Watches from the Rolex collection usually feature an automatic self-winding movement, first introduced to the public in 1931. This movement is powered by an internal mechanism that uses the movement of the wearer's arm to “wind” the watch. This design made watch winding unnecessary and made the watch's timekeeping ability far more accurate. Though Rolex produced very few quartz-powered watches, the company's engineers were instrumental in the design and implementation of this technology during the late 1960s and early 1970s. With five years of research, design, and development, Rolex created the "clean-slate" 5035/5055 movement that would eventually power the Rolex Oysterquartz.

The name Rolex is now synonymous with luxury as well as professional utility. Each collection of watches reflects this principle perfectly.

Rolex Watches Today

Today, Rolex still designs and creates innovative luxury watches. The company produces a number of different luxury and utility watches that are constructed from a variety of materials including platinum, stainless steel and 18K gold. In more recent times, Rolex has debuted several watches aimed directly at ladies, including newer and smaller versions of the Datejust watch. Innovative and luxurious, the Ladies Datejust Pearlmaster watch, for example, features an elaborately designed dial and pave-set diamonds in 18K rose gold. All the precious metals and stones used by Rolex in their watches are of the highest quality and diamonds are fairly traded. The metal alloys used in watches are responsibly sourced and produced, then fashioned at a Rolex-owned foundry. Rolex has truly set the standard for what a luxury and professional watch should be for almost a century.

Rolex Watch Collections

Watch collectors have been in love with Rolex watches, like the Submariner model, for decades. With innovative newer models, like the GMT-Master with ceramic bezels, Rolex’s popularity continues to grow. As Rolex constantly evolves with newer watch models, such as the Sky-Dweller and Deep Sea, they will always retain their dominance in the luxury watch market.

From those who want to own a classic vintage Rolex to someone who wants a newer and trendier model, Rolex will always have the perfect watch model in their collection. You will find a large variety of popular Rolex watches just for you at LSMWatch, available unworn and ready to ship. If you have questions about any of our watches, or simply need help choosing the right one, please do not hesitate to contact us.

LSMWatches is your one stop destination for fair market, unworn Rolex watches.