The Rolex GMT-Master II Watch

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Rolex originally debuted the Automatic Perpetual GMT Master Watch in collaboration with Pan Am Airways for use by Pilots and Navigators in long haul flights which cross various time-zones. GMT stands for "Greenwich Mean Time" which was the original name of the "Universal Coordinated Time" Zone required for all aviation schedules. Although the name of the "Universal Coordinated Time," Zone changed from GMT in 1972 Rolex decided to keep the GMT name for their series of GMT Master and GMT Master II watches. The first model of the GMT Master watch from Rolex used Turn-O-Graph bezel but the watch was later fashioned with a modified Rolex movement and its own unique GMT stainless steel bezel. The original GMT Master watch from Rolex has a 24 hour display fourth hand which showcased the same time zone as the standard 12 hour hand in the dial and allowed flight crews to use the rotatable 24 hour scale bezel with ceramic inserts to set a second time zone or keep the universal standard time. The Rolex Automatic Perpetual GMT Master was developed in the tradition of the sports watch lineage, and this watch from Rolex comes with self-winding automatic movement and are equipped with a date function in the ceramic dial which displays the day of the month and is surrounded by Stainless Steel or 18K White, or Yellow Gold pave diamond bezel. The Rolex GMT Master and GMT Master II can also be very useful to people flying internationally. Since its launch, the watch has undergone several phases of innovative changes and has consistently been one of the bestsellers in the Rolex collection. In the 1980's Rolex released the Rolex Perpetual Automatic GMT Master II which looks nearly identical to the original GMT Master but it has the capacity to independently adjust a quick set hour hand to local time without disturbing the 24 hour GMT hand, the watch also continues to feature rotatable steel bezel with ceramic inserts making it able to quickly view any third time zone reference. The Rolex GMT Master II also features a larger steel GMT hand. The first GMT Master II watch to be produced by Rolex featured an extra thick stainless steel case fitting with 24 hour rotating bezel featuring ceramic inserts; the watch became known as the "Fat Lady" because of these expanded features. The original model of the GMT Master II watch was only offered in steel with red and black bezel, and ceramic crown guards were extra large. In 1988, Rolex introduced several distinct variations of the GMT Master and the GMT Master II including the stainless steel red and blue colored ceramic bezel or stainless steel black bezel with ceramic inserts, Rolex also debuted the GMT Master II watch in stainless steel with a slimmer design and the same color options for the ceramic 24 hour rotating bezel. In 2007, Rolex brought to the market a completely redesigned version of the GMT Master II watch featuring a triplock crown, anti-reflective cyclops lens, green 24-hour hand, maxi ceramic dial, ceramic bezel, a new stainless steel or 18K gold bracelet, a new upgraded movement, and the word ROLEX engraved on the inner steel bezel ring of the GMT Master II watch Rolex has been making luxury versions in both mixed stainless steel and gold or all gold of the GMT Master watch since the 1970s and there are even exotic variations incorporating elaborate designs that include precious stones in the dial and along the steel bezel of the GMT Master watch. The history of the GMT Master has been filled with tales of aviation and pilots who have used the GMT Master and the GMT Master II to safely guide them along their routes. The line of the GMT Master watch and the GMT Master II watch are still in production today, and there will surely be new models of this watch introduced in the future.