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Rolex Explorer Oyster Perpetual Watches

The Rolex Perpetual Oyster Explorer watch was originally designed to face extremely tumultuous climate conditions, and the Rolex Explorer was worn by Sir Edmund Hillary when he first scaled Mount Everest in 1953 though Rolex has stated that the watch was developed prior to this ascent. These watches from Rolex have been crafted in a simplistic yet highly functional style keeping to the tradition of the Rolex sports model collection. New models of the Rolex Explorer watch are built to withstand massive temperature swings from well below zero to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit without harming the integrity of the watch. Since the watches release Rolex has brought out several variations to the original Explorer watch some of which include the Rolex Air King Explorer watch and the Rolex Dress Explorer watch, both watches came with a white and black dial. Ten years after the original Rolex Explorer watch was debuted Rolex released a new model of the watch with updated movements and this watch was the first of the Rolex Explorer collection of watches to feature the renown Oyster bracelet, a staple of the Rolex brand. This version of the Rolex Explorer was such a popular watch among the general public and Rolex collectors that the watch was not updated by Rolex again until 1989. It was in this year that Rolex discontinued the manufacture of the Rolex Explorer watch, choosing instead to upgrade the original model of the watch with the Rolex Explorer II; the Rolex watch featured a brand new case, flawless dial, newly conceived watch movement and upgraded sapphire crystal glass on the face of the watch. Created with the mountaineering experience in mind the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer watches and the later model of the Rolex Explorer II watches have been the most reliable and trusted watches of the entire Rolex Collection emphasizing more of the functional features than the aesthetic appeal and fashioned simplistically. The watch features a stainless steel bezel with a white dial or black dial and a robustly marked case. The graceful pattern of the white dial or black dial on the watch, which are distinctly Rolex, highlight the white gold hands and hour markers of the dial with the option of Arabic numerals stylishly placed at 3, 6 and 9 hour markers on the dial. Adding grace to the beautifully crafted stainless steel bezel and lugs of the Rolex Explorer, the stainless steel Oyster bracelet balances the simplistic designs of the black dial or white dial on the watch. The Rolex Perpetual Oyster Explorer and the Rolex Explorer II also watches feature a twin lock crown protecting the case and dial of the Rolex watch from any external conditions. The classical embellishments of the watches bezel, case, and dial are complemented perfectly by the stainless steel lugs and bracelet completing these watches in a harmonious manner. The Rolex Perpetual Oyster Explorer watch can readily be placed as the most prominent item in the lineage of sports timepieces.