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Rolex DateJust Oyster Perpetual Watches

Since first making its debut over half a century ago in 1945, the Rolex Perpetual Datejust watch has been an intricate part of American Fashion, Culture, and Lifestyle for both men and women alike. The watch is the best selling Rolex on the market. In 1955, the watch solidified the identity of the Rolex brand within post-war American psyche when a special model of the Datejust watch featuring rotating bezel was given to Air Force Pilots returning from Combat Missions. In fact, Chuck Yeager owned a Datejust watch and wore the watch when he first broke the sound barrier, this earned the Rolex Datejust the nickname of the "Thunderbird." The design of these Rolex Datejust watches would go on to become the basis for the several other collections of watches in the Rolex family including the Rolex Explorer watch, which is the watch that was worn on the first Mount Everest expedition, as well as the Rolex Submariner watch and the Rolex Sea Dweller watch both known as functional diving watches for deep sea exploration. Datejust watches hold a special place in the Rolex family of watches because it was introduced the same year that Rolex celebrated the 40th anniversary of its founding. The original model of the Rolex Datejust watch was fitted with a special type of steel or gold bezel featuring contours similar to the edge of a coin, this steel or gold bezel type would later evolve into what is now know as "Rolex Fluted Bezel," and it the small intricacies like this that set Rolex apart from any other watch maker. In 1956, Rolex changed the design of Thunderbird watches slightly by introducing a new type of Rolex watch: the Rolex Day-date President watch. In 1970 Rolex updated several features of the Rolex Datejust watch, changing the shape of the watches while adding a new type of movement to accommodate the newly introduced quick-set feature of the watch. The updated watches also featured a new smaller gold or steel profile, a new case of the watch, and a new dial design for the watches. Rolex also added sapphire crystal over the watches dial which replaced the plastic acrylic crystal, helping to secure the Datejust watch as the classic face of the franchise the watch is today.

The Rolex Datejust watch has further ingrained its legacy within American culture when the watch appeared on the wrist of several famous movie characters included Christian Bale as he played the Patrick Bateman in the adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' social satire American Psycho. Bill Murray's character in Lost In Translation can also be seen wearing a Rolex watch.

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The popularity of the Original Perpetual Datejust Watches, with a standard bezel size of 36mm, led to the introduction of the women and mid-size versions of the watches. The watch was also the basis for several later models of automatic watches released by Rolex. The standard men's Datejust watch from Rolex comes in a variety of metal options including steel, stainless steel, steel and white gold, steel and rose gold, or steel and yellow gold. With each variation, Rolex made to the Datejust watch the elegance and style of it seem to remain the same. The Rolex Datejust watch is the perfect watch for any event be it a formal outing or a casual visit with friends. The Rolex Datejust is the watch for any and all occasions, adding a bit of extra flair to whatever style the person who is wearing the watch is hoping to achieve.

The Rolex Datejust watch is powered with a self-winding automatic movement, and Rolex Datejust watches are often claimed to be the first wrist watch to be housed with a date display feature in the dial of the watch. Since Rolex offers the Datejust watch in so many shapes, sizes, and designs, it is no wonder that the Datejust watch has become a tenet of the Rolex Collection. At the current moment, Rolex has introduced 12 distinct models of Datejust watches. The Datejust watch from Rolex feature exotic steel or gold dial options with steel Roman or Arabic Numerals set brilliantly along the a "Mother of Pearl" or "blue concentric" dial. The luminous markers in the dials provide a clear visibility along with furnishing the Datejust watch with a glittering and flashy appearance. Rolex has traditionally attached the case of the Datejust watch to stainless steel, or white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold Oyster or Presidential bracelets yet a limited number of the Datejust watches have been introduced by Rolex featuring leather straps holding the case of the watches.

The original 36mm Datejust is offered in more variations than any other model of the watch from Rolex. In addition to all stainless steel cases, domed bezels, & bracelet of either Jubilee, Oyster, or Presidential, the Datejust can be bought in steel & yellow gold, steel & rose gold, or in all solid gold (white, rose, or yellow). Other variables include dial choices and domed diamond bezels.