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Rolex Perpetual Automatic Oyster Air King Watches

Rolex Air-King Oyster Perpetual Watches

The Rolex Perpetual Automatic Oyster Air King watch is among the most affordable watches in the Rolex watch family, the Air King watch also has one of the longest histories of any Rolex watch with a continuous production of nearly 70 years. Just before World War II British Royal Air Force pilots began to view the Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch as a reliable option while flying dangerous combat missions in the hostile Airspace of post-World War I Europe. When news of these pilots heroics reached Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf he was so pleased that he chose to honor the sacrifices of these hero's by creating a line of Manual Wind Oyster Watches fit for the sky. During World War II Rolex would supply British POW's with an earlier model of the Air King watch known as the Speed king watch. Throughout the war Rolex manufactured many different models of both automatic and manual Air King watches including the Air Lion watch, Air Giant watch, Air Tiger watch, and of course the Air King but in the end this line of watches was not the most popular item of watches among the general public's interest in watches of the time. Rolex, however, came to view this watch as an indispensable watch to its own watch making history and chose to continue a single model from the Rolex Air line of watches which became the Rolex Air King. Rolex released the first true Rolex Air King watch in 1945 with a 4925 calibre self-winding movement patented by Rolex. In the 1950's Rolex released several Air King watches that were crossover models with other watches in the Rolex collection most famously the Rolex Air King Date as well as a Rolex Air King model that used a 35mm Rolex Explorer case. In several early models from Rolex of both the Rolex Explorer and the Rolex Perpetual Oyster Air King the same gold case was used for the watch from Rolex. Since then Rolex has used a number of different dials for the Rolex Perpetual Oyster Air King watches and most of these Rolex watches are exceedingly rare today including the double red Rolex Air King. The latest version of the Rolex Perpetual Oyster Air King watch was released in 2007. With it, Rolex added new concentric dials to the watches as well as making the case of the watch thicker at the lugs of the Rolex, and a brand new Rolex Oyster bracelet for the watch. Rolex also introduced white gold fluted bezel as an option for the first time in this model of the watch along with the Oyster Bracelet. Showcasing a white or blue dial with domed or fluted stainless steel bezel and set on a stainless steel Oyster bracelet of the watch featuring automatic self-winding movement; the elegance of these watches are born from their simplicity. The Rolex Air King Oyster Perpetual watch is also a durable option for any condition with the hands of the dial protected from external pressures by a fortified crystalline head of the watch. The affordable price of the Rolex Perpetual Automatic Oyster Air King makes it an extremely popular model for people looking to buy or sell this type of watch today and has helped the watch become one of the longest running lines of the entire Rolex collection.
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