Cartier Roadster Watches

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Cartier Roadster Automatic Watches

Cartier released the Roadster watch in 2001 as a homage to the muscle car and motor racing tradition of the golden age in automotive vehicles: the 1950's and the 1960's. While the view of the Cartier Roadster watch has a masculine undertones, the Cartier Roadster nevertheless has smooth styling and elegant stainless steel features which define the watch as a piece of jewelry for a man of taste and style. The crown of the Cartier Roadster watch bears resemblance to a stainless steel car radiator and many of the other features of the Roadster watch take their inspiration from different features of the early automobile including the sleek stainless steel finish that the Roadster Watch is famous for. Many of the current Roadster watch models from Cartier have interchangeable stainless steel or metal straps which can be easily replaced by a leather bracelet, changing the condition of the watch from free and sporty to formal and business like. Cartier crafted this watch for all types of occasions. Over the years Cartier has introduced a number of different sizes for the Roadster watch including the new extra large model which features sharp black sword-shaped hands on top of Rhodium Plated Silver Sunray Roman Numeral Dial encompassed by stainless steel Domed Bezel and held by a stainless steel bracelet. Cartier has also introduced additional variations of the Roadster, such as the stainless steel Roadster GMT watch and the Roadster stainless steel Chronograph watch. Some models of Cartier Roadster watch are fitted with automatic or self-winding movements while others have quartz mechanisms at their heart. In either case the Roadster enjoys the finest internal mechanisms and movements and is built for all different types of condition. The Cartier Roadster watch is water-resistant, with highly polished stainless steel or 18K gold. The Cartier Roadster features a brilliant oval case with a prominent polished stainless steel cabochon crown completing the view of this innovative yet forceful design. Cartier has introduced a wide variety of styles to view and choose from in this collection. The Cartier Roadster is a stylish piece of essential jewelry which one can wear at the race track or the most exclusive of luxury functions. This collection of Cartier Roadster watches exudes strength and power for people with a vigorously untamed spirit, who feel at home on the open road. This Cartier line harnesses the combined power of strong temperament, aesthetics and precision.