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Jacob & Co. Watches

Founded in 1986 by Jacob Arabo, the company originally began designing for jewelry labels and private clients. The jewelry was popular among artists in the New York Music scene, and was a favorite of legendary rapper Notrious B.I.G who brought other celebrity friends to store helping the shop develop an acclaimed reputation within the music industry. The success of Jacob and Co. among celebrities combined with its unique and original products allowed for a rapid expansion of business and entry into the luxury watchmaking industry by the year 2002. By the following year the brand was firmly established among the New York's most elite crowd with the introduction of models such as the "Five Time Zone Watch" inspired by the jet-set lifestyle of many of its clients, with four fixed timezones —New York, LA, Tokyo and Paris—and the fifth dial set to the location of the wearer. Since its opening Jacob & Co. have launched numerous shops throughout the world featuring luxury timepieces as well as fine jewelry collections, offering one of a kind designs in a variety of styles, for both men and women.