Frequently Asked Questions, why should I buy my Rolex watch from your company? has extensive experience and knowledge in high end pre-owned watches. Therefore, you can rest assure that you are purchasing from a reputable dealer who can offer you THE BEST: 1. Customer Service, 2. Prices, 3. After sale service, and of course our easy to use secure website. Aside from our huge selection of New & Pre-Owned timepieces, we also offer special orders and custom made watches. If you don’t find what you are looking for on our website, simply give us a call (213) 261-0805, or ( and we will find it for you. We process all of our Credit Card transaction through PayPal which is the most well known secure merchant company.

Are all your pictures accurate? tries to make every effort to show you the most accurate pictures of our products. When we have an item in stock we try to produce the best image possible. However, please know that the image on your screen is not meant to appear as the actual size of each watch and there may be a slight variation in the color. If you have any questions regarding the details of our products, including specific size questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Can I go swimming with my leather strap?

Leather is a natural, porous material. You should therefore avoid allowing a top-quality leather strap to come into contact with water, oils, solvents and cleaning products or cosmetics. By doing so, you can prevent discolorations or premature ageing of the material.

Does my watch come with original warranty?

Since we are not an authorized dealer of any of the watches we sell, the manufacturers will not honor warranties on watches bought through us. However, in some cases we include the original warranty upon request. Please know that our warranty is 3 years and is superior to original manufacturer warranty in many different aspects.

How often should I have my watch serviced?

It is recommended to have a full service carried out approximately every three years. By having your watch serviced regularly you will reduce the chances of needing any serious (and costly) repairs.

If I don't like the bracelet/Strap with the watch in the picture, could I change it?

Yes of course! We understand that every customer is different and they like their watch to be different, and sometimes unique. That’s why we have the ability to accept any special order. You will always receive a picture of your special order prior to placing your order. Give us a call (213) 261-0805

Can I go swimming with my Water Resistant watch?

You should never submerge a watch unless they have specified how far you are allowed to submerge. Due to the fine nature of the Swiss made timepiece it is our recommendation that our customers refrain from taking their watch into the water to avoid any unnecessary problems.

Can I go swimming with my Water Proof watch?

Yes of course! Waterproof watches AKA Diver watches are perfect for swimming. They are made to be submerged in the water starting from 100 Meters to 300 Meters.

My watch is outside the warranty, can I still have it serviced/Repaired?

LSMWatch Service Center can provide full service for your watch. Call or email us for an estimated charge for your repair/service.

Where else can I receive Lsmwatch news?

Our Twitter account complements our Facebook page. Together, they provide our customers with the latest news. Don't have a Twitter? You can still access our Twitter feed via our Facebook page, which features a live stream of our tweets.

What if my question isn't answered here?

We're here! Just drop us an email (click here) and we'll respond to you with the individual attention we give each of our customers.