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LSM Watch pays top dollar for your Rolex luxury watch. If you are looking to find the value or worth of your watch, jewelry, or precious metals, allow our experts at LSM Watch provide a free no obligation evaluation. With over 30 years of combined experience, you can rest assured that you will get the most up to the market appraisal of your merchandise. By selling your merchandise to us, we can guarantee you quick cash. We also take trades and will give you fair market value towards another item in our inventory that you may be interested in.

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We Pay On the Spot By Cash Or Bank Wire
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We will take a look at all watches and jewelry in any condition, working or broken, and offer you its fair market value. Want to trade a watch? We can help you with that as well. Simply call us at 1-213-261-0805.

To sell a Rolex Call (213) 261-0805 for a free phone appraisal on your used watch, or fill out the form above to receive an estimate.

Whether you are a knowledgeable collector or new to the industry, you have found the best place to sell watches, jewelry, and/or precious metals. Selling pre-owned watches or jewelry can seem like an arduous process. “Where can I sell my item? What are my items worth? Who can I trust?” are some of the questions that sellers must consider. In these fast-paced times, it may seem like an insurmountable task to sell an item that could just as well be left in a dresser drawer. 

    When pressed, most people would recommend using the following choices to sell their items:

    • list it on eBay
    • list it on Craigslist
    • find a local jeweler who may or may not know the real market value

    However, these options may not be as viable as one might think. For example, listing an item such as a Rolex watch on eBay may not be possible as you need to have established eBay and PayPal account. Even when you are able to list, it takes the experience to properly list the item, price it, and may require you to deal with the hassle of collecting money from a potential unethical buyer.

    Perhaps you considered listing the item on Craigslist. Consider though: even if you did know the correct price to sell the item, do you really want to take a risk of meeting with someone randomly from the internet while you are holding onto valuable items?

    Or maybe you thought of taking your items to a local jeweler. While this is sometimes a fair option for sellers, most jewelers have only one specialty, may not know about your items, and/or will not have the efficient sell marketplace to resell the item and therefore justify a purchase. For these reasons, it makes the local jeweler hesitant to buy, and even more hesitant to pay top dollar, so that it is unlikely you will receive the best price in a timely fashion for your pre-owned items with this option.

    At LSMWatch we make it easy for you to get the maximum value for your items while investing a minimum of effort into the process of selling them.


    Because we will make it easy for you to get full fair market value at prices without investing exorbitant amounts of time in the selling process. We keep our overhead down and are able to pass the savings onto you by giving you the best value for your items in addition to offering low prices should you choose to buy from us.

  • Tell us about your item – Fill out the form above and include as much detail about your watch as possible. The more information you provide us with: the more accurate our appraisal of your items will be. It would be helpful if you also included a picture of each item as well.
  • Once we are able to review the information you have provided us we will send you an email giving you a quote or a ‘window estimate’ of how much we can pay for your item(s). This means that we will give you a quote that will range between two potential values. For example, we might say we can pay you between $2500-$3000 for your watch, based upon final condition inspection.
  • Should you accept our estimate we will issue a Pre-Paid, fully insured shipping label which will be emailed to you once you have confirmed that you wish to send the watch in for a purchase offer. Everything you have with the watch should be pre-packaged together with your name, address and phone number prior to going to FedEx. You will not have to spend a cent in order to ship your watch to us!
  • We will send you the payment! – After receiving each item and fully inspecting it, we will call you with an exact number within that window estimate. Once we are in agreement we will send you an overnight check, cashable upon receipt or a bank wire payment directly into your account. We will make payment within a business day. If for some reason we do not come to an agreed upon number, we will ship back everything overnight – we will pay for shipping and insurance.
  • We know how precious time is: so we won’t waste yours! We will pay upon reaching an agreement on price within a business day.
    If you should any questions during the selling process: please call us at (213) 261-0805 – we would be glad to help!

    If you are ready to part with a luxury watch or piece of jewelry, the experts at LSMWatch can help! We are proud to offer competitive prices for your used watches and jewelry. LSMWatch also allows trade on most items to pay towards the piece you want to purchase.
    As a member of the Better Business Bureau, you can shop and sell with confidence with LSMWatch. We take considerable care to ensure that you enjoy excellent customer service. We also assure you that your transaction is safe and confidential. We believe that the privacy of our customers is of the upmost importance.


    LSM Watch is proud to offer incredible discounts on the timepieces we stock. Here you will also find watches for sale that are well below retail price. At LSMWatch, we will never overcharge you for a luxury timepiece. Despite our low prices, our large inventory includes:

    Solid gold watches with diamond accents

    Stainless steel diving watches

    Everyday watches

    Special occasion watches

    When you choose LSM Watch, we always offer you a price match guarantee as well as the complimentary 2-year warranty on any watch you buy from us.

     Our wide range of watch brands include:

    Audemars Piguet
    Jaeger LeCoultre
    Patek Phillipe
    Audemars Piguet

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